All Season Tires

What's the Advantage of an All Season tire?

Let our Tire Store experts help you chose the right all season tire for your driving.

All Season tires offers the best balance of traction, performance, longevity and fuel economy. Your All Season tires are offered in many different brands, sizes, load capacities, and speed rating to match your driving needs. All season tires provide the best option for a ride comfort, handling & performance, and exceptional tread wear

Look for a "M&S" indication on the side. This marking indicates an all season tire. If you see a little mountain with a snow flake inside that's a winter tire and should be removed when the temperature rises above 7 deg. A summer tire will not have either of these symbols.

Maintenance of your All Season tires

Your tire's longevity can be increased by maintaining the correct air pressure. The recommended pressure can be found on the driver’s door pillar. Tire pressure should be checked monthly.

 Tire rotations should be performing regularly. Properly scheduled tire rotations will promote even wear and prolong the life of your All Season tire.Your tires should be rotated every 8,000km.

Wheel alignments keep you on the straight and narrow. Rough roads, winter driving, bumping curbs will all cause the alignment to be altered and in turn cause the tires to wear prematurely. Alignments should be performed yearly.

To maintain proper handling and traction your all season tires should be replaced at 4/32". Time also plays a factor in the life of a tire; It’s recommended that all season tires be replace before they reach 10 year of age.

When should I remove my winter tires and install my All Season Tires?

When our temperature's reach 7 degrees its time to put away the winter tires. Warmer temperature's cause excessive tread wear on a soft winter tire and greatly reduce the tires life. All season tires will out perform a winter tire with performance, fuel economy, on dry roads and in warm temperatures.

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