timing belt service

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What is a timing belt?

One of the most critical items on your vehicle is the timing belt. Your vehicles timing belt connects the crankshaft at the bottom of the engine to the camshaft(s) at the top of the engine. The camshaft, in turn, controls the opening and closing of the engine’s valves and the crankshaft moves the pistons up and down via the crankshaft.

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Why should I have my timing belt serviced?

Failure to synchronize correctly can lead to problems with valve timing, and this, in turn, can cause a collision between valves and pistons in interference engines. In an interference engine, or one whose valves extend into the path of the piston, failure of the timing belt will result in costly and, in some cases, irreparable engine damage, as some valves will be held open when they should not be and thus will be struck by the pistons.


When should I have my timing belt serviced?

Timing belts will deteriorate at a faster rate in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Replacement intervals are between 100,000 to 168,000 kilometers depending on driving conditions and weather. Contact with oil or engine antifreeze will also greatly reduce the life of a timing belt.