We offer competitive pricing and carry original equipment all season tires for your Honda. Tires are the most ignored and underrated component of your vehicle. They are the only interface between your Honda and the road to provide traction to accelerate, steer and stop. McFadden Honda knows your vehicle best and will ensure it’s equipped with the optimum choice of tire for your driving needs.

There are rebates available on Michelin and Toyo winter and all season tires. Call our Parts Department to find out how much you can save!

I already have Winter Tires, why do I need All-Season Tires?

Winter tires are designed to deliver optimal snow/ice performance because they are designed to stay flexible in cold weather and because of this wear quicker in warmer weather. All-Season tires are designed to handle a wide variety of wet and dry road conditions and wear equally in all of them. Due to the seasonal weather changes you have to be ready regardless of what the road conditions are.

When is the right time to switch to all season tires?

There are a number of indicators to keep an eye out for when deciding to switch to all season tires. One of the best indicators is when temperatures outside live near or above 0°C. That’s when most All Season tires are ready to perform. When the temperature rises and wet road conditions are starting to become common, you will feel confident driving on tires built specifically for the conditions.


Proper vehicle and tire care helps ensure the safety of the people traveling in your car, can lengthen the life of your tires and also save you money. One important step is a seasonal wheel alignment, make sure to schedule yours today. If you have Winter tires and worry about how to properly store those rims and tires, we can help with tire storage.

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