McFadden Advantage

McFadden Advantage 14 Days Love It or Trade It, 30 Days Limited Warranty Guarantee

McFadden Advantage

14 Days Love It, or Trade It

Your preowned vehicle comes with a 14 day or 1,500 km exchange privilege. The vehicle must be exchanged from the selling dealer within 14 days from date of purchase or 1,500 kilometers from the date of purchase, whichever comes sooner. Simply bring it back, trade it in. You will get the same amount that you paid for it.

*The vehicle must be returned in the condition in which it was delivered to the customer. This includes damage or excessive wear and tear.

Exchange provisions: A vehicle that is structurally modified by the customer is not eligible. The customer must pay any interest, principle balance and other amounts due in order to provide a free and clear title. Vehicle insurance, credit life, and/or disability insurance, extended warranty plans are seperate transations from the vehicle purchase. Any related expenses are the sole responsibility of the customer. A document or processing fee will apply to the exchange purchase. Any physical damage to the vehicle may void the exchange privilege.

30 Day Limited Warranty

Your used vehicle that you purchased from McFadden Honda is covered by a 30 day 3,000 km warranty on the failure on the following specific items:

Accelerator Hydraulic System Vacuum Systems
Fuel System Transmission Front/Rear/Spindle Axles
Fluid Levels CV Joints Headlamps
Tail Lamps Turning Signals License Plate Lamp
Speedometer/Odometer Indicator lamps Horn
Parking/Emergency Brake Battery Wiring
Disc/Drum Brakes Shoes/Pads Anti-lock Brakes
Steering Linkage Rack and Pinion Power Steering Pump
Ball Joints Leaf Springs Struts and Shocks
Coil Springs Torsion Bars Alternator
Independent Suspension

The warranty does not include electronics, aftermarket electronics or remote starts, physical damage, glass breakage and damange from hitting curbs, potholes or obstructions. The warranty is not an insurance policy or extended service contract. All work must be authorized and performed by McFadden Honda. The date of sale is as listed on the bill of sale when you purchase the vehicle. SOME CONDITIONS APPLY, SEE MCFADDEN HONDA FOR MORE DETAILS

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